About Samco Group

Samco Group

Samco Auto (India) Pvt. Ltd. is a united team of young and experienced mixed enthusiastic professionals while unity is the harmony within and among the individuals; cooperation is everyone's responsibility. The unity in the team members is built from a shared vision, a cherished hope, an altruistic aim or a case for the common benefit. We the"Samco People"believe that the stability of unity comes from the spirit of equality and oneness, because unity creates the experience of cooperation, aggravates zeal and enthusiasm for the task and it makes the work atmosphere powerful and enabling.

The growth and expansion of Samco Group is due to the dynamic leadership of Mr. D. S. Sethi, the Managing Director of the Company. As an MD of Samco Group, he is always creating environment which ensures positive experience of each employee and other associates. He motivates people for learning and working together with right attitude and positive vision.

This creates value of relationship and growth of individuals and the company.