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Initially the company had started the manufacturing of non-ferrous bushes in the year of 60's for Mercedes Benz Truck made in collaboration with Tata which was at that time known as TMB Truck. During that time, the bushes were totally imported from Germany. Gradually, the company under the title M/s Samsons & Co. developed the bush of other types. As per need & requirement, the machineries were developed in our own factory. The imported bronze metals were used as raw materials and then alloying of metals had been developed.

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In early 80's, we approached to M/s TML for supply of Business & Thrust Washers as original equipment. At the early stage, M/s TML extended the support and provided us a system of production to manufacture the bush 7 washers as per their specifications and standard. To meet their needs, the foundation stone of the present company M/s Samco Auto (India) Pvt. Ltd. Was laid down and formally incorporated in the year 1981. The newly formed establishment started its production in June 1983. After installing the then latest equipments & machineries, we have invited the M/s TML experts with QA officials for inspection of the factory and all the processes that involved in manufacturing & maintaining the quality of the product as per M/s TML specifications and standards.

In 1985, M/s TML approved Samco as OE supplier and since then Samco is regularly effecting the supply of all types of bushes & thrust washers to all the units of M/s TML group. At present SAMCO GROUP is running 3 manufacturing units producing more than 60,000 pcs daily of different types of automotive components serving India and abroad.